Meet Pamela O'Hara, Author of Dark Justice
Meet Pamela O'Hara, Author of Dark Justice Author of the Dark Justice series. Dark Justice 2: Searchin' release date is scheduled for Summer, 2016.
Welcome Mr. Charles Asbury
Welcome Mr. Charles Asbury Mr. Asbury is the author of The Battle for Rainbow Forest, a children's book that will be released this spring.
Meet  "Juci", Wild Ivy's Newest Author
Meet "Juci", Wild Ivy's Newest Author Juci is the author of Wild Ivy Publishing's upcoming title, Raised By a Pimp, Birthed By a Hoe. Scheduled for Spring, 2016.

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“...a chilling look at the vagaries  of a justice system that rewards lies and false testimony in the pursuit of prosecutorial goals. ...looking forward to reading her sequel to this book, Dark Justice 2: Searchin’. Dark Justice is highly recommended.”

                                                  -Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite

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Raised by a Pimp,

Birthed by a Hoe

Meet Chantal Laine. Young, beautiful, rich, spoiled, brilliant. And a high priced prostitute. Chantal's mother was a working girl. Her father was her mother's pimp. Those closest to her can see that she has some serious issues, everyone but her, that is. Can this "Daddy's Girl" show the world who's boss? Or will the streets show her that she is no different than that THOT she refuses to call Momma? 

 Written by Juci!


The Battle for Rainbow Forest

There’s trouble in the Rainbow Forest! The evil dark wizard Fredrick has come up with a plan to stop Alfred from spreading the joys of the rainbow throughout the forest. Can Alfred and his companion, Thomas the Talking Cat stop Fredrick from stealing the magic wand and casting darkness everywhere before it’s too late?

CJ's New Basketball

CJ gets his very first basketball from Dad on Sunday but can’t get to a “real” basketball court until the following Saturday. He decides to practice inside the house until he can go to the court. Can CJstay out of trouble at home for a whole week until the big day? Endorsed by Watoto Whiz (Children's Education Subscription Service).

Dark Justice

A dark, gritty, heartbreakingly honest account of one woman’s journey through the federal penitentiary system. While proclaiming her innocence, Cooper is manipulated by both the judicial system and street code honor to play by the rules, which leads to a 40 year prison sentence. Written by Dianne Cooper.

Titles Coming Soon

  •       Dark Justice 2: Searchin' - Summer, 2016

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